Providing Coaching for YWAM International Mission Leaders

In this historic moment in time, a new executive master’s degree in Christian Formation and Discipleship is being developed and launched… and I am excited to be part of something big God is up to around the world!

What is my role?

Within Youth With a Mission (YWAM) it’s all about relationship and invitation. I have been a friend and supporter of Maureen Menard and her international team of leaders in YWAM for 21 years. This year Maureen celebrates 30 years in this ministry with YWAM as well as University of the Nations and she has caught the vision for the tremendous impact quality coaching can have both individually and corporately.

Along the way I have been invited to serve in various ways, including:

  • Debriefing a collaborative Discipleship Training School outreach to 26 nations in Budapest
  • Bringing a Coach Approach to Leadership Workshop to twenty international leaders in Cape Town, South Africa (2010) and using Myers-Briggs as a tool for leadership development or a life-size Wheel of Life to allow leaders to “think out loud” about what priorities they are motivated to act on (see photos of Michelle (South Africa) and Theresa (Costa Rica)
  • Facilitating a prayerful Retreat Coaching process where coaching models become life-size illustrations marked in duct tape on the floor so they can literally “step into the future” and see what is possible from there as well as working with the core team developing an Executive Master’s program in Christian Formation & Discipleship which will have a coaching track running alongside it but separate from it. Burtigny, Switzerland (2012) (see photo of prayer time on the floor).
  • Next February I will be going to Cape Town to work with the group there (Participants have a choice of location for the intensives accompanying each module in the program.)

Who are the participants?

Looking around the room in the converted orphanage now serving as the YWAM base in Burtigny, I see hearts beating for Southeast Asia, Caribbean, North America, East Asia, Africa, Eurasia and Europe to name a few. Between the two locations, there are 35 participants from 11 nations who serve as missionaries in every continent in the world.  This global impact hits hard as an exciting culmination of many years of preparation, making all my hours invested behind the scenes worthwhile!

Invitations to PCCI students in my network

YWAM leader and coach David Harper and I have invited a small network of coaches to facilitate integration of learning for greater fruit in life and ministry… as much as it’s up to us… coaches I know and respect who have pursued advanced training through PCCI, invested in mentor coaching to further hone their coaching skills, and who have a heart to minister to the nations.

We will join with YWAM coaches who have received training from CMI and others for this collaborative effort. Coaches will be oriented and equipped in cross cultural considerations (David) as well as temperament-based coaching & coaching with a dyad where one leader serves as the prayer support for the other during the coaching session and vice versa (Vicki).

n 2013 candidates will participate in three coaching modules each consisting of six sessions with their dyad/groups for a total of 18 sessions. At that point we will re-evaluate and determine what would be most valuable going forward.

Please join us in praying for the success of this program and the coaching component so there can be increasing opportunities to provide ongoing support for new groups of leaders engaging in future master’s degree offerings when the time is right

These leaders are grateful for the time investment coaches are making in them and in their ministry. Their vision for a major graduation celebration somewhere in the world after finishing their thesis projects in 2015 includes members of our coaching network celebrating with them. Now that’s a vision I can get behind!

Vicki Corrington, PCC

Life Coaching, Mentor Coaching, and Retreat Coaching that is Christ-centered, biblically focused, temperament/strengths-based, and bathed in prayer.