Christmas Blessings

who-is-this-jesusNot all days are merry and bright. Not all Christmases are white. Tough economic times, family health issues, and unrealistic expectations threaten to invade our days and steal our joy.  As we approach Christmas, you may be troubled, perplexed or even perturbed. You may be overcome with fear and anxiety. You may be thoroughly shaken. And every circumstance of your life may justify those feelings. Yet deep down you know God is whispering, “Do not be afraid. I love you dearly and I have a surprise just for you, I promise.”

Remember that promise you thought He made to you a while back? OR was it all in your head? It would take a miracle to pull it off. Do you dare to believe He is a God of His word? With Him all things really are possible. Today is your day to surrender saying “Let it happen with me just as You say, Lord.” How happy we will all be as we choose to believe that the Lord will fulfill every one of His promises to us. That heart softened. That relationship restored. That need met. That door opened. That book completed.

And the sign you have been asking for? Look for it with fresh eyes in the most unexpected place…  a manger.  We have already received good news. We do have cause for great joy. May you take it personally once again this Christmas.  May God receive the praise and glory as you continue to receive His gift of deep lasting peace.

  • Luke 1:28-45
  • Luke 2:10-14


  • In what area of your life do you sense God saying, “Do not be afraid. I love you dearly and I have a surprise just for you, I promise?” How is God inviting you to respond?
  • What is God asking you to surrender to Him?
  • Who in your life needs God’s peace and presence? How can you bless them this Christmas?

Love & Blessings, Vicki