New Season

It’s a new season, and I’m ready to set powerful goals. But sometimes the first step forward is a step back. I recently took  a trip down memory lane to reflect on times past when God has graciously allowed simple truth to impact me in profound ways. Now I am ready to forge ahead toward the dreams and hopes He has placed in my heart for the future. What about you?

In spite of being married to a great guy, living in a great house on the ridge, developing great friends, even seeing great results in women’s ministry and our private practice, etc., I had stopped answering for myself the birthday question I reserved for everyone else, “What are your hopes and dreams for the coming year?” I guess this was my version of a mid-life crisis at age 50.

After living in the disillusionment of unrealized possibilities for far too long, I began to wonder what would bring me back to life.  What future was so compelling that I would move forward with passion?  God only knew but I was determined to find out.

When the First Step Forward is a Step Back

Sometimes the first step forward is a step back.  A necessary trip down memory lane reminded me of birthdays past when God had graciously allowed simple truth to impact me in profound ways.

  • As I looked into the little man’s face I had carefully sculpted out of clay, I remembered my delight in his creation and began to imagine the delight I may have brought to God who formed me and breathed His very life into me.
  • As I dusted off the box of framed works of art, I remembered the day I sat at my dining room table and cried while opening my friend’s gift and reading “God danced the day you were born!” perhaps believing it for the first time.
  • As I stood on my deck overlooking the mountains and enjoyed that evening’s sunset, I remembered being in Aruba and boldly asking God for a sunset for my birthday.  At first His answer to my prayer seemed quite unremarkable, a nice sunset, nothing to write home about but a short while later, when I was no longer expecting it, He blew me away with a sky that looked as though it were on fire! He was still in the business of doing above and beyond all I could ask or imagine, but not necessarily in my timing.

Powerful Goals for the New Season

As I approach my 60th birthday, having invested myself in coaching that is biblically based, Christ-centered, and bathed in prayer for the past ten years (in being coached myself, in being equipped to coach others, and training others to coach with excellence) I’m in an altogether new season. I love facilitating an insightful and creative process that makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s what I am motivated to do and an integral part of who God created me to be.

I am grateful but I am also very much aware of the need to reflect and set my mind on the Truth of what God says regardless of how I feel… something I never outgrow.

  • I am valued, loved, and accepted. It’s settled by God so I don’t have to earn it and no one else has to prove it. It is a grace gift I can choose to receive, unwrap, and share over and over again.
  • No one can keep me from being who God created me to be or doing what God calls me to do.
  • My hopes and dreams matter and I need to put them into action, as much as it’s up to me, in order to realize the possibilities.

So, what are my hopes and dreams for the coming year? I want to make time to…

  • Enjoy the simple things in life as well as the big things
  • Show more love to my family and friends in meaningful ways
  • Continue on this path of learning and growing in grace as God leads.

And since these are all up to me, they go beyond wishful thinking to become powerful goals!


  • Now how about you? Whatever your age, what Truth do you need to accept in order to be free to move forward?
  • What future would be so compelling for you that you could move forward with passion?
  • What hope or dream (vision) do you need to put into action to realize the possibilities?
  • What support do you need to actually do it?

6 thoughts on “New Season

  1. I love you, Vicki…I often think about all those times we spent together, both as friends and as mentor to mentee (did I just make a new word?) You were always the mentor. Through you, I learned to be me, and that it was what God had always planned for me….just to be me. I must admit that it has been an ongoing lesson, and I have to remind myself of many of the principles that you taught me. But, I have great peace in that these days. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us, but a strong foundation helps us stand strong. You helped me establish that foundation, and I am forever grateful that God placed you in my life. I miss you and Dr. Ben. If we ever get up to your beautiful part of the world, we will come see you. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful and richly blessed 60th birthday!
    Many hugs!!!

    • What a beautiful surprise to receive your words of affirmation, seemingly ‘out of the blue’. God knew it was His perfect timing and I thank you for listening to Him! I just returned from NC where we spoke about acknowledging and endorsing people as a way of empowering them. This is a great example and I receive it with deep gratitude. Thank you so much. God bless.

  2. Vicki, I am so happy for you and your inspiration….We are not getting just older….we are getting better!!! The more we gain from our living life here, the more we can help others as they grow. God certainly has made a difference in my life.. I am always growing and hope I will never stop…Have a wonderful birthday!!! (Saw your mom and dad at breakfast yesterday). Stay in touch…I have just moved to Charleston with my fiancee, Paul Fichtner…Good move for us so far….my girls and families are glad to have us nearer to Bangor where they all reside. Happy 60th (mine’s coming the end of the summer)!!! How did we ever get here? Take care, Kathy

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