Vicki Corrington is a spark of energy, a masterful coach, and a dynamic Christian coach trainer. She brings a depth of relationship, creativity, and insight to help men and women grow into being fully alive in their current season of life. Vicki’s coaching is purposeful, prayerful, and powerful. I am thrilled to have her on our team at PCCI and believe you would do well to give her a call. —Christopher McCluskey, PCC, President, Professional Christian Coaching Institute, Missouri

Vicki is an insightful coach who deeply cares about her clients’ well-being and strongly champions their future. She is a highly intuitive listener who asks timely questions that evoke insight, learning, and clarity. She is gently challenging, encouraging next steps to the person’s ultimate goal. I have personally been coached by Vicki and would recommend her highly—you will find her skillful and personal. —Mary L. Verstraete, PCC, Center for Coaching Excellence, Minnesota

I have been able to work with Vicki Corrington on three fronts: as an active and contributing member of Christian Coaches Network, in her role as an Advisory Board member for Christian Coaches Network, and in our mutual roles as instructors for the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. In all three cases, Vicki has proven herself time and again to be a thoroughly engaged professional who cares. Showing up is easy to achieve. But caring requires authenticity. In a world where we hardly recognize professional mediocrity as anything else but the norm, Vicki stands out. I heartily recommend her. —Gary Wood, Director, Christian Coaches Network, President, G.E. Wood and Associates, Canada

Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.” Vicki’s coaching is enabling me to become more aware than ever of God’s design for my life…the significant possibilities…but more importantly what steps I can take, with His help, to live the abundant life He intended from the inside-out! —Steve Ivaska, Certified Halftime Coach, Illinois

Vicki is an experienced coach, compassionate listener, and insightful friend. Sensitive to both the Holy Spirit and the needs of her clients, Vicki cuts to the heart of the issue with the skill and precision of a surgeon. Using Christ-centered, biblically based coaching combined with assessments, Vicki helped me understand—and embrace—my God-given strengths and temperament. It was a turning point in my life. Over the years, I have participated in many discipleship and leadership classes, but none has delivered the accelerated spiritual and personal growth I experienced while coaching with Vicki. She is one of the best! —Mary J. Yerkes, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Virginia

As a life coach and teacher, Vicki has an uncanny ability to listen to a person’s heart, offer encouraging and helpful feedback and set him or her on a course towards becoming all they were meant to be. On various occasions over the span of our friendship, her professional input into my life has absolutely helped me take the next step in growing in my life as a person and my career as a pastor. I will be forever grateful for Vicki, her heart, passion and expertise and I fully endorse her for all who are seeking assistance. —Dan Bosko, Teaching and Connecting Pastor, Crossroads Church of Aspen

Vicki poignantly gets to the heart of the matter. Her breath of compassion encouraged me, while her tenacity challenged me to discover my true passion in life. —Ed Briggs, Pastoral Care Minister, Weddington United Methodist Church, North Carolina


With warmth and great insight, Vicki invites me to look closer at my desires, my gifts, my passions, and my “bent.” She is very encouraging and sensitive to the Holy Spirit in leading me to move forward in all parts of my life including personal growth, healthy relationships, career goals, and ministry opportunities. It is evident that her passion is to see me grow and flourish in all areas of life! What a difference it makes when someone genuinely rejoices with me over my joys and triumphs! I don’t want to settle for anything less than abundant life …filled to the measure of all the fullness of God! Thank you Vicki, for continually encouraging and guiding me to explore and embrace all that He has for me! My journey with you is life changing. —Angel Cox, Young Life, Ocala FL

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